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minifestival of ether events

Friday, January 13
Saturday, January 14
Sunday, January 15
Monday, January 16
Wednesday, January 18

13. - 18. January 2006
Komunikační prostor Školská 28, Praha 1
open everyday from 1. till 10.p.m.

Daily menu: exchange and bursa of anomalous ideas, radio stuff, "Aleatoric Landscapes" interactive radio installation tributed to John Cage, "how to establish mini tv broadcasting and fm radio?" (workshops, radio hacking), servis, lights, darkness, warmth, live music, live images, live and aimless movements, live cinema, live radio instant meals, refreshment, vegetarian, etc. (more detailed program on website).


Friday, January 13

5 pm

Ivan Palacký (Brno) + Klaus Filip (Viena)

Ivan Palacký is musician and architect (b. 1967). I.P. has played with various groups and taken part in several music projects. He was a member of the guitar/doublebass/bassoon group "Sledě, živé sledě" (Herring, live herring) - and currently performes in a duo called "Tílko" (Singlet) with Jennifer Helia DeFelice and audiovisual project of "Koberce, záclony" (Carpets Curtains) with Filip Cenek. He "writes" a sound diary from all his journeys - collects excerpts of stories, wierd sounds and various acoustic mistakes. He likes to take part in one-shot improvisational groups or duos (with Cremaster, Ruth Barberán and Margarida Garcia, Will Guthrie, Andrea Neumann) as well as playing solo performances. As an architect he is interested in architecture without "building", sociological methods in designing a morphogenetic maps in digital architecture.

Klaus Filip

all of klaus filip's art projects have been driven by technological possibilities and the social need to change structures. Among them subVoice (an underground tapemagazine), Sigis Bruder(early electronic songs together with singer Sigi Ecker), Christof Kurzmann's Orchester 33 1/3, Zentrifuge, short films, theatre, dance, sound-installations. he is the musical and electromechanic father of BigBaby, an outstanding intermedial project around a sculpture build by Red White and brought to life by the movements of Cynthia Schwertsik. klaus filip is the inventor and never sleeping developer of the open-source software "lloopp", a musical instrument on the computer to provide open structures for live-improvisation, used by many well-known electronic musicians.
Jaroslav Kořán- ohne titel


Milos Vojtechovsky / Lemurie/
Guy van Belle (Slovakia/Belgium) Aleatoric landscapes (inter-active installation for John Cage)

remote collaborations:

For its participation in the celebration of Art's Birthday Party 2006, okno chose to opt for a 2006-performance of Radio Music, created by John Cage in 1951. We will actualize the original score by using broadcasts from internetradios instead of broadcasts by the analogue 1950's Golden Throat-radio's. The original AM-radio 'dialing-noise' between radiostation frequencies will be replaced by the sound produced by 8 self-made antenna's. The piece will be brought by 8 performers, taking into account the concept and timings of the original score.
Audio and video of this performance will be streamed and participants in other locations can pick up the stream and use it as an element for their own creations.

Pavel Sterec, Vilda Novák (Praha, Brno)
Radiohacking - public space interventions

22. 00 radio topics film projection


Saturday, January 14

1pm - 5 pm radio bursa

Michael Northham (Switzerland/USA)
Michael Northam (b. 1970 Murray, Utah) has from earliest memory a fascination with geographical distances and unfamiliar expanses. From the cultural void of middle america he has pursued a spiraling trajectory of artistic activity arriving at sound as an ultimate expression of his essential intentionthat which approaches a total expression of an internal space touching upon perceptions beyond that of the eyestowards a total 'body-place' perception. His work has been presented in over 15 countries with CDs published on four continents.
Currently living in Epesses, Switzerland where he has established a studio for sound and visual work, assists with the publishing of CDs and makes a home among vineyards.

"What are the internal components of memory, of experience, of self-reflection as expressed in sound. In composition, I work intuitively with multitudes of fine layers of sound that I gather from nature, play with self-built/assemble sound devices, and construct by manipulation on the computer. This form of working is quite analogous
to the process of a painter - mixing colors, applying layers, creating texture, and arriving at an over all form that crystallizes into a final work." - mnortham

For INVERSE RADIO-TV, Prague event Michael will present a work based on the cluster-interaction between live improvisation (with found objects and his magnetic-harp) and immersive fields of collected and 'composted' field recordings. The public is invited to participate in an intimate setting of profound listening where micro-sonic landscapes
meet an undulating array of resonate fields and geologic acousmatics...


Tomáš Hrůza (Brno)
audio devices for fluctuate radio


Audio Wall-paper (Austria)
Barbara Kaiser and Ernst Reitermaier
Is a dj-set with conceptional radio play character. Besides LPs and CDs, diverse electronic equipment like a sampler, a chaos-pad, etc., are used. The "audiotapete", which is not thought of as a frontal stage- performance, can be presented rather as an audio-wallpaper, even in a concentrated atmosphere, like an audio play. Contributing artists can possibly join in. It is not a party-set! Following the ideas of Erik Satie and using different acoustic material (from film music and radio play to soundscape and musique concrete,) Barbara Kaiser and Ernst Reitermaier create an audio wallpaper that fills the room with imaginary pictures, original sound- works and music from Erik Satie, Ennio Morricone, Pierre Henry, Bill Fontana, John Zorn, z.b: ..., the Institute for Transacoustic Research, Silke Arp-Bricht, John Cage, and many others.

Ernst Reitermaier - studied philosophy, music and cultural management in Vienna. He is also a founding member of the Vegetable Orchestra and the Institute for Transacoustic Research and various projects in the fields of experimental music.

Barbara Kaiser - studied multimedia art in Vienna and lives as an artist. She is a founding member of the Vegetable Orchestra and the performance group z.b.: ..., various exhibitions and projects with sound & video.

Sunday, January 15

12am - 4.30 pm
bursa of radioelectronic, open kitchen, live radio and video stream. A public discussion concerning: everything is cool, superb!!! around the actual situation of the public in the czech media scene.

Martin Alačam (CZ) - concert for quitair and electronics

Martin Alačam is the main vocalist and one of the componists of the contaminated chamber music ensamble and has a
wonderful smoky voice that remains gripping whether somber or a bit
twisted at times. Besides of involvement with Metamorphosis he gives solo´s as well.
Recently he is applying several "crack electronic tools" especially build by the "robot constructor" Mr.Stanley Povoda.

Tonic Train - electroacoustic sound performance

Tonic Train is the experimental electronics duo of Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann. The combination of Sarah's homemade circuit bent instruments and Knut's feedback electronics creates a spectrum of fundamental electronic noises. It connects two methods of early electronic music practice: the appropriation of electronic circuits to make them sound and the improper use of electronic equipment to make it feed back. Tonic Train's artistic influence comes from electronic music pioneers such as David Tudor and Gordon Mumma. Over time the Tonic Train duo has become part of many diverse musical projects and performances including a feedback ensemble featuring Xentos `Fray' Bentos, Nicolas Collins, Toshimaru Nakamura, Billy Roisz and Otomo Yoshihide. For the last four years Sarah and Knut have also been producing experimental radio programmes together for London's unique radio art station Resonance104.4fm. This work continues in their current project Mobile Radio, which aims to bring artistic radio production outside the sterile studio environment.

8pm, NoD / ROXY

z.b.: ... (Austria)
Barbara Kaiser, Ingrid Schloegl, Tamara Wilhelm
performance, pop, experiment

(z.b.: ... they are technically a "band", but have left customary instruments behind them and have turned instead, towards more interesting methods of making noise, such as zips, boxing gloves and also exploiting the unimaginable () possibilities of electronic
sound. The collective music memory is more clearly layed out, adapted and enriched with multilayed sounds. The performance is not confined to a linguistic level and therefore portrays reflexive meanings with strong symbols, while at the same time drifting towards being whimsical. The performance demonstrates a crossing over of themes, for example crotch seams, boxing forbiddance for women, dilettantism
in the sense of do-it-yourself and precision in giving statements. The constant beat gives an atmosphere of nervous concentration and the stoic imminence of one tone is broken through with the doppler effect and frequency modulation. z.b.: ... existing since 2003, Barbara Kaiser, Ingrid Schlögl and Tamara Wilhelm have allowed themselves to be lead by chance interests, using both rage and laughter, randomness and listlessness
to determine themselves. They exist under the band name "z.b.: ..." which means "for example" and they find for every performance an addendum.z.b.: ... experimental, electronic, rage, boxing gloves, feminism, dead serious, zips, simply funny, sixth root from me cubed, dilettantism, very beautiful, highly intellectual, ultrasik, ultrabas.)

Monday, January 16

Workshop in Nolab ROXY/NOD

Wednesday, january 18
NoD lab

Inverse or Diverse Radio and Television?

Radio Lemurie, Linhartova spolecnost, Radio Akropolis (and ČRO?) call out for an international gathering and open discussion forum about one of the burning questions: How to convert one-way-masmedia-channel as the radio and television mostly are, towards more open, human and horizontal communication platform?

Such media can be a relocated but commonly shared place where music, spoken word, discussions, radio plays or sound art are more a channel for the creative act and communication process than a result of consumption and dissemination of advertisement and commodities.

The one-day program is dedicated to various strategies and working models available today in the digital age. Since there are few public forums in Czech Republic for activities like art in radio and television, Radio Lemurie and its partners are initiating and
offering a physical venue and media-platform as well chat-space for similar concepts, trying to foster and support further emergence of relevant and democratic communication works and initiatives.

This meeting is connected to Fmedia conference which was held in Prague in 2004 and Transdadaexpress, an independent and transnational experiment which concentrates on making challenging artistic and cultural innovations within the wide range of electronic and traditional media and digital culture (being aware of the history of
international avantgarde as well).

The radio waves are going to be used for the free artistic explorations of any kind of aesthetic and creative activity. Radio Lemurie aims as well at strengthening access for artists, minorities and young people to radio, and seeks to join the political claim for independent cultural radio's access to frequency and broadcast.

The radio conference will be on transmission on January 18: on-line,
via internet Livestream and perhaps via supporting radio broadcasts FM.

Program: under construction

Participants: under construction

Invited speakers:

Douglas Arellanes (Media Development Loan Fund, Prague)
livesupport - software for community radio
Guy van Belle
Pavel Zelinka
Knut Auferman, Sarah Washington

January 19 - 22

1pm - 10pm
Martin Janíček - Urban Landscapes
Audiovisual installation

openning: January 19, 6pm

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