April 2000
  • April 1     In the morning, Krystof was located by satellites 90 km far from the nest. He reached the nest and at 3 p. m. he was busy cleaning the nest and removing unwanted twigs added by other storks. - Thanks to advanced technology, the entire route of a black stork individual from winter habitat to nesting place was mapped in detail. Krystof spent 31 days "on the road", flying over 5700 km. After a long time, Argos satellites located Dominika in southern France.

  • April 9     The NOAA 12 satellite located twice signals od Dominika's transmitter. The coordinates could not be computed. Sje might be somewhere in northwestern Europe (northern France, Belgium, Netherlands, northern Germany; besides, she had flown to winter habitat across Belgium).

  • April 15     Dominika was ground-located in the Rakovnik area. Together with Krystof, she resided some 6 km far from the nest.

  • April 16     Dominika and Krystof were ground-located in the old-and-new nest.

  • April 22     The nest of Dominika and Krystof was found empty. Krystof was rambling around; Dominika was ground-located some 5 km far due south.

  • April 24     David was warming the eggs in the nest where he had been found after returning from Spain with his new "female-partner". The female was ring-equipped in Jeseniky Mountains in 1993. One year ago, she shared the same nest with another male stork.

  • April 30     Dominika and Krystof were constructing a new nest. The new nest was situated about 4 km far from the original one.

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