• October 2      Kristyna resided near Oued Drâa river-bed as it was her last chance to rest before flying across Sahara.
          Viktor reached continent of Asia near Strait of the Dardanelles. Zuzana stayed on the Balkan Peninsula.

  • October 4      Kristyna left Oued Drâa river-bed and flew until she reached her destination 443 km far.

  • October 11      The expedition trucks passed mine fields near borderline between Western Sahara and Mauritania. Kristyna had already reached southern part of Mauritania.

  • October 13      Viktor was seen in a region of ponds in a Jordan valley near Gesher (Israel). The observation was made by Belgian ornithologist Willem Van den Bossche. Viktor was seen in a flock together with 15 black storks.
          Kristyna reached river basin of Falémé river in eastern Senegal.

  • October 15      Zuzana had been staying on the Balkan Peninsula for more than one month. Sometimes she crossed the border of Romania and Argus system located her in Yugoslavian territory.

  • October 17      The expedition truck Afrikabus broke down near Tambacounda town (Senegal). At the moment, Kristyna was about 150 km far from the location.
          Kristyna flew nearly 80 km due south, still residing within river basin of Falémé river.

  • October 19      Two members of the expedition crew remained in Tambacounda to wait for spare parts to be sent from Czech Republic. The rest of the team continued to follow Kristyna.
          Viktor flew across Gulf of Suez in Red Sea.

  • October 20      After travelling western-african bushlands both by car and on foot, the crew received Kristyna's ground transmitter signal at half past six P. M. Kristyna was residing (together with several grey herons) near an out-of-the-way village named Djakhaling.
          Zuzana was located by Argos system in south-eastern Bulgaria.

  • October 22      Zuzana flew across Bosporus.

  • October 25      Viktor flew over Sahara along a route 476 km long - a record trace distance.

  • October 26      Viktor reached southeastern Chad.

  • October 29      The African Odyssey ´95 expedition finished tracking Kristyna. At her winter habitat, Kristyna resided near season-drying inflows. She was catching food in the morning till noon. After that, she rested on the trees and palms or flew up and glided at great heights. She was seen together with another black stork. Near her winter habitat, baboons and lions often appeared.
          Viktor stayed in southeastern Chad close to Sudan border. Zuzana flew across Turkey.
Miroslav Bobek      

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