• August 4      Viktor was finally found safe and sound. For the last time, he was observed in Rakovnik area on the 28th of June.

  • August 23      The third communication kit was attached to male stork Oskar, nesting not far from Prague. The nest was situated near Jevany village, where he had bred his baby.

  • August 26      Argos system located Zuzana at Balkan Peninsula in river basin of Tisa river north of Belgrade. It was clear that she set out to Africa much earlier than in last year, much like Kristyna.

  • August 27      Kristyna was satellite-located in eastern France not far from German border. She left Brdy almost four weeks earlier than in last year.

  • August 28      Argos system located Oskar in river basin of Morava river on the Austria-Slovakia border.

Miroslav Bobek      

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