• September 15      Kristyna flew across the Strait if Gibraltar 12 days earlier than she had done last year. Her journey was different, too. The dramatic variation was at Pyrenees, which she passed using western path this year.
          Oskar was located near Sombor in Yugoslavia and Zuzana was located near Belgrade, where she had been located a year ago.

  • September 17      Zuzana moved a little bit due east near Belgrade, so she resided in the area that she had already preferred in previous year.
          Oskar still stayed near Danube river at the Hungary - Croatia -Yugoslavia border point. He was located at the Croatia side of the border for the last time.

  • September 21      Kristyna diverted her current path dramatically: late in the afternoon, Argos located her at Ergu Iguidi in north-eastern part of Mauritania.

  • September 27      Kristyna stopped at the south of Mauritania.

Miroslav Bobek      

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