• October 4      Kristyna reached dry river-bed Draa on Morocco-Algerian border; she had stopped at the same spot before flying across Sahara in autumn 1995.
          Jakub stopped in northern Israel close to the location where Zuzana had been repeatedly seen in past years.
          Tereza flew across Spain.
          Martin was located in southern France.

  • October 6      Despite of bad weather, Tereza flew over the Strait of Gibraltar. Spanish ornithologists saw four black storks flying. However, they did not see Tereza among those.

  • October 7      Willem Van Den Bossche and Judit Szabo saw Jakub near Genen in northern Israel. Together with 200 black storks, he was residing near a pond, where Zuzana used to stop on her way.

  • October 8      Kristyna was satellite-located in western part of Algeria.

  • October 11      Kristyna finally finished flying over Sahara. In the evening, she stopped in a dry savannah in southern Mauritania.

  • October 12      Based on sensors' data output, the operating team considered possibility of Tereza having died somewhere in Morrocco.

  • October 14      Martin probably flew across the Strait of Gibraltar.

  • October 15      Kristyna reached her usual winter habitat in river basin of Falémé river (eastern Senegal). Her path was mapped for the third time - a real "world record". An osprey labelled "P3" that had been monitored by an American survey team for past two years got lost during summer. Mark Martell (one of the organisers) commented African Odyssey as follows: "I really do envy you having followed Kristyna for the third year. You undoubtedly gained very interesting and valuable information."
          Jakub was located near Asyut, (central Egypt, close to Nile). The team could not discover the date Jakub reached the black continent.
          Tereza's death was confirmed. Her satellite transmitter was located in Antiatlas mountains area (Morocco).
          Martin flew over the High Atlas mountains.

  • October 24      Miroslav Bobek, František Pojer a Khalil Baalbaki obtained Tereza's communication kit in Morocco. It was found in a house of a sheikh called Belkásim. The house was situated in one of the Bou Zarifu oasis and the sheikh was given the kit from Berber farmers.
          Jakub flew due western-south-west over the Chad territory.
          Martin stopped in Mali, about 150 km north-east of Bamako. During the previous week, his path across Sahara had been accurately mapped.

Miroslav Bobek      

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