March 98
  • March 2      After having been missing for almost two weeks, the satellites located Kristyna in Central Mauritania. Martin stayed in Mali. However, the satellite data was not accurate enough to determine whether he had already left his last winter habitat.

  • March 6      Kristyna flew over south-western Morocco. She started flying home about 20 days earlier than in 1996 (compared with 1997, she started flying home 4 days earlier).

  • March 10      Martin was located in eastern Mauritania, 800 km far from Niger river delta, where he had previously resided from the end of October. In the evening, Kristyna stopped near Rabat town (Morocco).

  • March 13      The satellites located Kristyna in southern Spain. The date of her flight over the Strait of Gibraltar remained unknown.

  • March 16      Kristyna resided in Spain (she had stopped there at the same time of 1997). Martin flew through African continent due north. He had already flown across Sahara and the High Atlas, too.

  • March 17      At 17.45, Radio Club Algeciras members received signal of Martin's ground transmitter; Martin was probably flying across the Strait of Gibraltar.

  • March 21      Martin was located north-east of Madrid. Despite of Kristyna, he was moving towards home fast, reducing the stops to minimum.

  • March 31      Kristyna's ground transmitter signal was received near Strasice town in Brdy hills area.
    Kristyna returned home to nest, just like she had done for three previous years. For 10 days, there had been no evidence about Martin.

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