November 1998
  • November 4       Kristyna was satellite-located in her usual winter habitat close to Khossanto in Falémé river basin. She successfully returned to places where she had spent three previous winter times.

  • November 7       Spanish ornithologists Cristina Parkes, Alejandro Torés and Alejandro Torés jr. saw David in a rye-planting area in delta of Guadalquiviru river. First, he rambled around with four black storks, then he moved on and joined a flock of 50 white storks.

  • November 10      Jonas was inspected by a vet. The inspection proved him to be fit enough to be released back to his natural environment. However, only one solution was found possible - to transfer him to winter habitat by plane.

  • November 28      David was seen again by the Spanish ornithologists. He was found in a company of 20 white storks just 400 m far from the spot he had been observed three weeks ago.

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