April 1999
  • April 5     David was watched in a nest about 17 kilometers far from the nest where he and Kristyna had been nested last year.

  • April 7     David returned to a place near to his former nest.

  • April 10     David was found in an unknown nest just a kilometer from the nest shared with Kristyna. There was a female stork in the nest as well. Unfortunately, the female stork was not Kristyna; she had metal ring in different position without any code to be seen.

  • April 12     Mating of David and the new female stork was monitored. The original nest of David and Kristyna was occupied by a male stork only.

  • April 15     Another stork nest was found and checked in Brdy Hills area; there was not any "mysterious" female stork (with the same combination of rings as Kristyna had - see March 28) in the nest. Thus, it was not still clear whether Kristyna died in Africa or just lost her communication set. We decided to look for her in Eastern Senegal.

  • April 20     Miroslav Bobek and Khalil Baalbaki flew from Prague to Dakar. David and his female partner sat on eggs alternatively.

  • April 27     Six days of searching Kristyna's communication set brought no results at all. There were no signals captured in bushes northern of piste between Kedouga and Bemba, and local citizens did not succeed as well. The hope that Senegal expedition would answer the "Kristyna question" faded. Miroslav Bobek and Khalil Baalbaki moved to Djakhaling where African Odyssey had operated in autumn 1995 to make radio session about the local citizen and their lives.

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