August 1999
  • August 9     After many days, when baby storks exercised their wings, one of them made his own flight: Sissi flew down about fifty meters from her nest.

  • August 11     We watched the behavior of babies during partial eclipse of the sun. However, they behaved almost the same way as in usual cloudy days.

  • August 14     Sissi, Otakar, Karel and Vaclav often flew out of nest. Unfortunately we registered a defect of Karel's transmitter.

  • August 20     In the afternoon, we watched baby storks flying circles about ten kilometers far from their nest.

  • August 21     In the morning, the satellites located Otakar at Czech/Austrian border, 170 kilometers far from his nest. In the evening, the satellites located Sissi northern of Traunsee Lake in Austria, 230 kilometers from her nest. We had no coordinates of Karel and Vaclav; we even did not found them near their nest. All babies probably left Rakovnik area together. We could not focus Dominika. Krystof stayed in nesting place and flew over his nest together with another black storks.

  • August 23     Vaclav was in the southeast corner of Germany in the morning. Therefore, we though that all baby storks flew together. In the evening, Vaclav was located some 140 kilometers far from his last position, at Staffelsee Lake (southern Germany).

  • August 26     Vaclav was rambling in southern Germany; we located Otakar in the same positions as well.

  • August 27     Using signals of the ground transmitter, we found Otakar in southern Germany and then watched him visually. He resided in wet ground near Penzing village. There were neither any of his family members nor any black storks.

  • August 28     Dominika's satellite transmitter was switched to more intensive transmitting cycle and we got more data from Argos Center. Dominika was in southern Belgium in early morning, then she flew over southern suburbia of Paris in the afternoon, and she got near Le Mans in the evening. She flew almost 400 kilometers in one day. Vaclav was located near Ulm in Germany.

  • August 29     Vaclav was watched in mountain terrain near Ulm. He was at trout creek together with herons.

  • August 30     Dominika flew above northeastern Spain; we calculated that she flew 114 kilometers in forty minutes, which makes the speed of about 70 kmph.

Texts by Miroslav Bobek and František Pojer
Photo by Khalil Baalbaki, Gérard Jadoul and archive of Africka odysea
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