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Miroslav Bobek (*1967)
      He graduated from zoology at the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague. Formerly being a Czech Radio 2 editor and playwright, now he is an editorial chief. In 1994, he initiated the African Odyssey project and became the head of it. He has led all the project expeditions. He has broadcast multiple live sessions for Czech Radio 1 and Czech Radio 2, too.

Magdaléna Pilná (*1973)
      She was formerly working in the Czechoslovak radio. Then she joined a journalist foundation and in January 1998, she became a production manager of the African Odyssey project. Without her enthusiasm and undying activity, neither the African Odyssey nor the Kristyna Live show could ever be possible.

František Pojer (*1955)
      After graduating from zoology at the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague, he has become active in nature protection. First he observed birds of prey and owls, then he concentrated on black storks. In 1994, while working as a curator of National Museum ornithological collections, he was one of those who initiated the African Odyssey project. Since then, he has been always ready to help all the time and has significantly contributed to the project. He took part in all the expedition except one.

Ivo Hulínský alias VolvoX
      He is an expert in IS security, Internet and industrial control systems. VolvoX is probably one of the key persons of the Kristyna Live project, as he developed and realised the transmission software (while preferring freeware to commercial software).

Khalil Baalbaki (*1963)
      He graduated from documentary science of FAMU in Prague. Currently owns the ANGELES - photo, film, video shop. He has been working with African Odyssey team since early 1995 as a photographer, interpreter and negotiator. He took part in "step by step" observations in Senegal and expeditions to Chad, Ethiopia, Egypt and Morocco, too.

Lubomír Peške

Jaroslav Šimek

Tom Vild (*1971)
      He works as a designer in the Internet servis company and studies at the Charles University (Faculty of Philosophy). He has designed the www pages design both for the African Odyssey project an the Kristyna Live show.

Lenka Hampapová (*1974)
      She is a webmaster in the Internet servis company. WWW pages of Africian Odyssey are managed by her.

Texts by Miroslav Bobek and František Pojer
Photo by Khalil Baalbaki, Gérard Jadoul and archive of Africka odysea
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