Briefly about the project
"African Odyssey"

Kristyna returned to reside on "her palm"
for the forth time in a roll

Black stork female Kristyna has been under African Odyssey observation for four years. This week, she returned to her usual winter habitat near Khossant (Eastern Senegal territory). With a little luck, she is sitting on her favorite palm now.
This year, Kristyna left the Brdy Hills together with her "husband" on September 18. In France, they each went their separate ways. Kristyna flew across western Pyrenees (September 30) and the Strait of Gibraltar (October 11). On October 20, she was south of Sahara. She stopped for two weeks about 150 kilometers from her winter habitat. She was flying average of 350 km per day. Right now, she is 4700 kilometers far from her nest in the Brdy hills.
This year's observations focused on Kristyna revealed several interesting issues. The black storks keep both their nesting and winter habitat locations unchanged. Although the actual journeys may differ, the birds always find the same winter habitat. This fact is interesting as a theoretical news and for the stork protection.
Kristyna's forth journey with her communication set has laid some challenging questions. The satellite pictures reveal that number/length of stops between southern edge of Sahara and the winter habitat is dependent on vegetation growth stage in these areas encountered in the first third of September.
Kristyna's "husband" David is still residing in Guadalquiviru river delta (southern Spain), where small stork groups spending their winter time have been reported. David has probably already reached his winter habitat.
The African Odyssey project is organized by Czech Radio 2 - PRAHA, the satellite tracking system is sponsored by DHL International Czech Republic.

Miroslav Bobek, Czech Radio 2 - PRAHA

Texts by Miroslav Bobek and František Pojer
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