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"African Odyssey"

One of our storks shot by a French "hunter"

      Black stork named Hynek (whose journey to winter habitat has been tracked as a part of the African Odyssey project) has been shot by a French "hunter". Gérard Jadoul (a zoologist originating in Belgium) informed the Czech Radio about the accident. Hynek has been shot about 3 days ago near the Dondas village (SW France); no more details are available so far.

      According to Jadoul's information, Hynek may be the third black stork shot by a vandal hunter. Another stork carrying the marker ring of National Museum Prague has been killed 2 months ago near Baie de Somme. The Czech Radio 2 - PRAGUE (that coordinates the whole African Odyssey project) is preparing to send a complaint both to French Embassy in Prague and French Executive Department of Living Environment.
      Thanks to live sessions accessible via the Internet, young male stork Hynek has been observed by a thousands of people since his very birth (dated May 31,1998). In July, he was equipped with a satellite communication set (like all members of his stork family). Thanks to this device, his journey to the tropics could easily be followed and mapped.
      More information are available on Czech Radio 2 - PRAGUE program or refer to the website

Miroslav Bobek, Czech Radio 2 - PRAGUE

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